Tenant FAQ

Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. Your lease actually requires it and you must use our preferred vendors. If Boardwalk has to coordinate this work, additional charges may apply. Please return receipts for any work completed with your keys.

You can make payments online through our resident portal or you can use the Payslip program to pay your rent at a variety of retail locations – call our office during normal business hours for details on this option.

We do follow and comply with the Service member’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA) rules concerning military lease breaks. You will need to provide a copy of the orders along with a written notice to vacate, and will be responsible for the rent through the end of the month following notice. For example, if you gave notice on June 15th, you would be responsible through July 31st.

Your security deposit and/or security deposit reconciliation will be mailed out 60 days from the day you returned possession or the last day of your lease – whichever occurred later.

Should a disaster occur, you should immediately contact your insurance company to cover your displacement.

In this case, instead of paying for a full cleaning, you may provide proof of a service check instead. This typically runs around half the cost of a full cleaning. It is important to know that the invoice must indicate the flue is clean. Call the chimney company to tell them that you never used the chimney during your tenancy, and that you just need them to come verify and certify the system.

RBP provides full content renters insurance coverage, Credit Building by reporting on time by reporting on time rent payments, resident rewards program: Residents earn points and gift cards for on-time payments, Move-in Concierge, and Identify Teft Protection up to one million dollars in protection.

If a resident chooses to Opt-Out of the RBP package, the resident may not opt out of the Resident Benefits Package mid-lease but may do so at the start of a new lease agreement.

Yes RBP will report credit to all major credit bureaus. Opt out of credit reporting is not available.