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Resident Screening

At Boardwalk Property Management, we understand the importance of meticulously vetting prospective renters to protect your investment and ensure the best match for your property. Our comprehensive rental criteria, details our rigorous process, from income verification and detailed tenant screening to our adherence to Equal Housing Opportunity and the Fair Housing Act. By choosing us, you’re ensuring a partnership dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for tenant selection, guaranteeing peace of mind and a successful leasing experience.

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How We Work

Welcome to Boardwalk Property Management

Boardwalk Property Management excels in managing multi-family properties with a focus on optimizing investment returns and standout customer service for both residents and clients.

Inspecting Your

Boardwalk Property Management uses a systematic method for inspecting property conditions, including routine, seasonal, move-in and move-out, as well as drive-by inspections.

Promoting Your

We are focused on maximizing your real estate investment returns with effective property management. This includes customized leasing and marketing strategies, efficient expense control, and thoughtful budgeting. 

Rent Collection

We have a secure and convenient online owner portal with detailed monthly statements, where tenants can pay rent quickly and efficiently.

Property Management

Boardwalk Property Management boasts a wealth of local experience in property management, with a team composed of seasoned professionals who bring deep insights into the local real estate markets. 

End-Of-Lease Preparations

We have a process of property market analysis as well as renewal discussions and approval. We also conduct a move out process when applicable, and a detailed post move-out property inspection.

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