Boardwalk Property Management:
Your Dedicated Property
Management Partner


At Boardwalk Property  Management, we prioritize a straightforward and ethical approach to property management, offering a simplified fee structure with no hidden costs and ensuring all maintenance work is performed by insured, licensed vendors without any markup on invoices. Our commitment extends to not charging base management fees during vacancy periods, reflecting our dedication to aligning our interests with those of our clients. Through rigorous tenant screening processes that cover employment and income verification, credit and eviction histories, criminal and background checks, we ensure only the most reliable tenants occupy your property.

Our company’s focus is solely on property management, allowing us to provide unparalleled attention and expertise in managing your investment. With detailed condition reports before and after tenancies and a team of licensed brokers as Property Managers, each client benefits from personalized, knowledgeable service. Our Property Managers, who each handle a specific portfolio, become intimately familiar with your property and investment goals, offering a single point of contact and tailored management strategies to maximize your property’s potential and profitability.


Hi, What's Your Name?

The Boardwalk Way


Welcome to Boardwalk Property Management

  • Setting clear goals and defining objectives.
  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of the property and creating a Rental Profile to lay the
    groundwork for a seamless journey.
  • Coordinating the first inspection and reviewing the preparation process and necessary tasks.


Your Property

  • Full Exterior Property Inspection outline deferred maintenance and potential capital projects.
  • Full Interior Property Inspection outlining resident care and any deferred maintenance.
  • Addressing and rectifying any health and safety issues.
  • Taking updated marketing photos and video tours.


Leasing and

  • Create ads highlighting the property features, neighborhood and amenities.
  • Promote your available apartments on 20+ reputable platforms.
  • Weekly Owner updates.
  • Thorough home walkthrough with documented pre-move-in inspection report.


Efficient Rent Collection and
Precise Accounting

  • Access to a secure and user-friendly online portal for owners, featuring in-depth monthly – reports.
  • Prompt collection of monthly rents and necessary deposits.
  • Strict enforcement of lease terms and monthly fees.
  • Guaranteeing rent is deposited before mortgage due dates.


Personalized and Professional Property Management

  • Comprehensive maintenance, approvals, reporting and utility management.
  • Violations and lease enforcement.
  • Timely response to all requests and concerns.
  • Routine property evaluations.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Exceptional service offerings and pricing.


Updated Market Summary, Renewals, Move-out, Repairs

  • Updated market summary and rate recommendations.
  • Renewal discussion and approval.
  • Renewal negotiations and execution 90-120 days out.
  • Move-out process (when applicable).
  • Comprehensive post move-out inspection and scope of work. recommendations
  • Repairs, renovations and preparing the property/apartment for marketing

Pricing Summary

Management: A percentage of gross revenue based on unit count and market.




Flat Fee


Lease Renewal


Flat Fee

Single Family



Flat Fee

Single Family

Lease Renewal


Flat Fee